Mon, 2014-12-29 22:55 -- konstruktiv
Monday, December 29, 2014

Adobe invited us for the WTFIT challenge and sent us a magical treasure box! The word included in the box was 'BLISS'.

You've received this box of unrelated items.
Find your word on the back of this card.
Use every item in this box in your creation. Add only glue and paint.
At the end of the week, photograph the result and post item as a new project to Behance.
The package
Final campaign image
Bliss is balance

We at Konstruktiv have a deep passion for balance in our artwork & designs. We are always looking for the right ratios and proportions. For us it's really important to go back to the most fundamental features in creating an image. Also in our personal lives we are looking for the right balance between mind, body, dream & reality. A balanced individual is somehow who can almost figure out anything and has the right solution for any kind of problem. Being in balance is absolute 'BLISS'.

Making off